“God is a geometer.”

This line knocked me on the forehead. Like a koan it left me dazed. Wasn’t the Big Guy supposed to be a wordsmith? 

My neurons sizzled with the effort of imagining a cosmic blueprint that measures itself into existence. Geometry started to flare in my dreams & superimpose wherever I looked.

I couldn’t articulate it at the time, but the question that seized me was this: What is the mathematical aspect of Logos, the source code underlying everything in Nature, from the atomic to the galactic?

Studying the few books available on classical & sacred geometry led me to understand it as the measure of the world – inner world & outer world, creation & consciousness. I started following an ancient line of advice about existential imponderables: Thinking spins you in circles – try a tactile approach. So I picked up a compass, straightedge & pencil – the tools that harken back to Euclid & Pythagoras.

There’s a rule handed down by the great geometers, that all shapes are hidden within a circular lattice called the genesis pattern or flower of life. It begins with six evenly overlapping circles, each centered on the perimeter of one central circle. This pattern sets all of geometry on its course. It expands to the stars & myriad forms of life. I drew the genesis pattern hundreds of times, filling one notebook after another, frustrated by my mistakes, spellbound by its intricacy.

Slowly, as if programmed by this matrix of circles, my hands learned to move with an innate sense of order & harmony. The drawings started to retrace the lines that Nature herself has etched in perfection – spirals, fractals, the Platonic Solids. I began working on huge sheets of watercolor paper so there was room to keep expanding from the central compass point. While I wasn’t inventing any new geometrical forms, it was clear that the potential for improvisation was limitless.

Three years into this project, my compositions all begin with a circle, the arc of unity. Then a number, shape or pattern comes into my imagination. I set out to explore it in a new way. Complexity builds up as I draw hundreds of arcs & lines, following a purely visual logic.

What’s essential is a balance of opposites:

Curve (feminine) & line (masculine);

Light & shadow;

Simplicity & complexity;

Symmetry & spontaneity;

Centrality & expansion.

Space-time seems to warp around the drawing as it comes to life. Gradually my influence fades & I become a witness. The final links & alignments are guided by the geometry itself. Whenever I step back from a finished composition, the result is a surprise, something I could never premeditate.

A drawing feels complete when it both reveals an aspect of the cosmic architecture & conceals something of its mystery. In the end it’s a kind of mirror, reflecting a state of mind that arose as the compass guided my hands. Then, in a virtuous circle, the geometry reflects back on the mind’s eye. It becomes a mandala, inspiring meditation on some aspect of the cosmic blueprint.

I hope this work encourages you to try your hand at geometry & discover your own portion of the infinity it leads to.

Socrates said it best: “Search for the celestial pattern. As you find it, establish it in yourself.”