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Recently I’ve started teaching the techniques of geometric drawing that I figured out over many years of study & practice. The two curriculums are condensed enough that I can present them in weekend workshops.

Level I: The Tools of Universal Design

This classical design-oriented class is geared for both beginners & adept drawers. Using the compass & straightedge – the tools that harken back to Pythagoras & Euclid – we’ll explore the ancient tradition of geometry, rediscovering the shapes, patterns and fractals that underlie everything in nature. By following the preliminary steps taken by the masters of Islamic architecture, Celtic illuminated manuscripts, and Buddhist mandalas, we’ll awaken our intuitive sense of harmony. Topics include the Flower of Life pattern, the Fibonacci sequence, and the Platonic solids.

Students will gain the skills to incorporate geometric design into any artistic endeavor. Along the way, we’ll reflect on the metaphysical questions posed by history’s great geometers. How does the genius of Nature design the entire world’s plants, animals and structures, our own body / mind included? How can we align ourselves with a higher vision of the Cosmic Architecture? We’ll consider the implications of these questions for our art practice and our understanding of the world.   

Level II: Ascending the Golden Spiral 

This class expands upon a foundation of classical geometric design using compass & straightedge. First we’ll complete a series of preliminary drawing exercises, building up to a construction of the Golden Spiral, and an understanding of the numbers it relates to. We’ll then endeavor to create unique designs with spirals, fractals, and other geometric formations. Finally we’ll bring our compositions to life with shading, watercolor, and any embellishments your imagination calls for. The challenge is to balance meticulous line work with spontaneous expression.